Back to School Team Building Event

A tongue in cheek throwback to the best times of our lives

Back to School is a great fun corporate team building activity that involves all of your team and colleagues in a variety of races and challenges, perfect to suit all ages and abilities.


The teams are taken through a warm up that will get them limbered up and laughing. Then it’s straight into the action with lane-based races with all teams racing for points. Also included all the classic races like egg and spoon, three-legged, sack race and many more. You can also try your arm at tennis, football, soft archery, dart board, cricket, tennis and Javelin before the fancy dress relay finale games. We will work with you before your event to put together a customised package of activities to fit your objectives, timings and space available. Challenges can include a mix and match of activities such as:


  • Geography (Indoor): Teams recreate a famous geographical landmark such as the Statue of Liberty, Tower Bridge or Eiffel Tower entirely out of modeling balloons!
  • History: Teams solve one of our medieval puzzles such as constructing a real suit of armour. Half the team will be instructors and the other half will be blindfolded builders. Builders must listen carefully to the instructors who will guide them to put the right pieces in the right places to correctly complete the armour.
  • Maths: Teams get their heads together to solve our giant maths puzzles/riddles.
  • Science: Teams get their heads together to solve our giant science puzzles.
  • English: Storytime with a twist! One classmate must use the binoculars in order to read out the Morse code story. The rest of the team must decipher the code to find out what happens next.
  • PE (Outdoor): The high jump, but not as we know it! Teams must work together and coordinate their movements in order to launch the lifesize dummy high jumper over the bar!
  • Play Time (Outdoor): Teams complete a football match on space hoppers!
  • Music: Teams co-ordinate to play tunes and sing a song
  • Art (Indoor/Outdoor): Teams get creative in art class!
  • Cycling Proficiency Test: Teams complete an obstacle course
  • Textiles: Teams design and create a brand new school uniform using papers
  • Economics: Teams decorate someone in their team that represents their team.
  • Finale - School Sports Day! (Outdoor): In a fun finale team then battle it out in popular school races such as the egg and spoon, obstacle race and sack race!

Works well to improve

School Races energises teams with fast-paced, light-hearted competition. It’s highly inclusive as everyone can take part – regardless of sporting prowess or lack thereof – creating a shared and lasting memory.

  • Teamwork in a fast-moving competitive environment
  • Relationships and team interaction
  • Healthy competition between departments and functions
  • Fooster Communication and Interpersonal Relationship
  • Boost morale and team spirit providing unforgettable memories.


Back to School Team Building Back to School Team Building Back to School Team Building Back to School Team Building Back to School Team Building Back to School Team Building Back to School Team Building Back to School Team Building Back to School Team Building


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