Monday, November 28Outbound Training, Team Building and Leadership

Firewalk Seminar

The ultimate team event for facing your fears, team bonding, challenging limiting beliefs, and realizing your true potential. Walking across a fire bed of red-hot burning coals with temperatures soaring above 500° Celsius is one of the toughest minds over matter challenges that we offer.  It is also one of the most rewarding.  Firewalking is “a method of overcoming limiting beliefs, phobias and fears” and will help to improve focus and promote advanced critical thinking. Many people who have walked before state after they have walked, they felt:

  • Reduced fear, less self-doubt, and ending of self-sabotage
  • More focused, personal power, control in all areas of life
  • A breaking through of limits and boundaries to personal growth
  • A new ability to take massive action in their life, an increase in enthusiasm and motivation, because the fears that held them bound are no longer there

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