Wednesday, November 29Outbound Training, Team Building and Leadership

Glass Walk

Walking barefoot on glass requires you to pay attention, close attention, 100% attention to what is happening at a head, heart and physical level.

Some people go through life supposedly ‘multi-tasking’ but getting nothing of value done or starting but never completing projects. Some people are great at setting themselves goals, objectives and ‘to be completed by’ lists: yet they get distracted, side lined, pulled into the ‘next thing’ and they wonder why they never get anywhere.

The glass walk is a great event for teams and groups. The glass walk teaches:

  • How to move forward with absolute certainty on a successful outcome
  • Gain 100% focus by paying attention
  • The realization that you have more control over your life circumstances than you ever thought possible
  • Breaking through beliefs of ‘I can’t’ and it’s ‘not possible’
  • How to move forward with the end result in mind, and being equipped to make amendments along the way

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