Placement Training

Campus Placement Training

Education does not mean reading books and passing the examination, it has a bigger purpose of grooming students and providing them opportunities to realize their full potential by honing their basic skills, equipping them with relevant knowledge and instilling in them, professional integrity, unfaltering discipline, responsible leadership and commitment. This Placement Workshop will help students to develop their professional and personal capabilities encompassing skills of communication, leadership, confidence, decision making and an attitude to bring positive approaches to challenges facing corporate working for bringing about optimum solutions. This workshop is aimed at providing an edge for achieving success in a corporate environment through imbibing desirable professional etiquettes, interpersonal skills and overall corporate awareness so that one's acceptability in the professional environment is enhanced.

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Campus Placements are dreams of every Final year Students as well as for the institutions, all major IT and non IT companies’ conducts Aptitude Test followed by HR Interview during placements. The aim is to select the candidates with good aptitude that includes general aptitude (analytical aptitude and reasoning). Depending on the companies the other subjects tested varies. When Candidates are selected in the written test, some companies have Group Discussion for further filtering of the candidates. Finally personal interview, depending on the company there may be one or two interviews; in case of technical session and HR/Stress interviews. Performance in interviews is crucial in the selection process because it is where students are evaluated fully and final decision is made on their selection. Sieger Training offers a finishing course module for students from institutions to help them prepare to enter today's corporate world that is extremely competitive and demanding. The course content is designed & developed in consultation with experts from relevant fields in addition to leading the course being conducted on site at various premier institutions.

  • Describe a winning, pleasing personality and the winning qualities.
  • Explain how self – image affects one’s feelings, attitudes and behaviour.
  • Discover appropriate ways for becoming physically & mentally fit.
  • Understand the consequences and cause of having win – lose or lose win attitudes.
  • Demonstrate effective ways of coping with different interviewer in a psychological game.
  • Identify the behavioural manifestations in Group Discussion and HR Interview.
  • Option 1: 30 Hours i.e., 5 day Workshop
  • Option 2: 60 Hours i.e., 10 Days Workshop (for Optimum Result)
  • Demonstrate career development and transition skills, including the ability to understand and apply career development theory, the job procurement process, and all forms of communication used in the successful pursuit of a career.
  • Understand organizational procedures and policies as related to how the employers process for campus recruitment and employer preferences.
  • Use self-assessments to identify strengths, weaknesses, transferable skills, and prime marketable characteristics.
  • Organize and write an effective cover letter and Resume.
  • Exercise judgment and logical decision making in selecting from alternative techniques for Group Discussion & Interview.

  • Real-World Experience Simulation between Facilitator & Participants.
  • Participants will be led in a Directed Learning Mode, not Just with Facilitator’s one-sided Lectures.
  • Combination of Presentations and Examples from Facilitator and Interactive / Hands-On Participants’ Exercises with Individual / Group Report-Outs.
  • Experiential workshop environment where participants will be educated to take risks and make adjustments based on their results from Role-Plays before approaching large real-time projects.

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Placement Aptitude

Verbal, Quantitative, Reasoning & Data Interpretation


Communication Skills

Verbal & Non Verbal, Extempore, Listening, Presentation


Technical Training

Technical Test assesses your academic learning and knowledge

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