Technical Training

Technical Training

Technical Test in placement exams assesses candidates academic learning and knowledge. Generally, IT companies and core companies include technical questions on their written tests. In Technical Test, the focus is on quizzing the students on his core subject knowledge and assess the amount of academic effort he has taken during academics studies. Technical papers pose questions such as constructing a diagram, writing a short code/program, or solving some equations. Computer Science students should revise flow charting techniques and acquire computer software literacy and the appropriate computer language training. The syllabus of the technical tests for companies varies according to the company domains and requirements.

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Technical Training is a 30 - 48 hours workshop, which is fully equipped to provide a review on high end software training in the latest technologies. This helps the students analyze their capability technically and will also sharpen their technical skills before going to the interview. This cost-effective, customized institutional training solutions help students enhance their capabilities, add new skills and to equip themselves, re-tool their core competencies and stay productive. It uses simple, in an easy to understand language to describe the methods and tools to improve the quality of student’s in campus recruitment.

  • Sharpen the technical skills of the students before the interview.
  • To function effectively in the campus recruitment.
  • Take part effectively in various selection procedures adopted by the recruiters and be technically sound.
  • Once recruited, perform effectively thereby enhancing the brand image of the college.
  • To understand and develop their overall technical skills, equip them with the right kind of knowledge & skill sets required to face the challenges.
  • Helps the student’s to answer the technical questions in a easy and a structured manner.
  • Option 1: 30 Hours i.e., 5 day Workshop
  • Option 2: 60 Hours i.e., 10 Days Workshop (for Optimum Result)

  • IT, CSC, MCA - Modules 1 – 8
  • EEE, E&I , Mech - Modules 1 & 2 (overview) – 3 -8 ( Overview & Basics)
  • Telecom, ECE - Modules 3 - 10
  • Quiz at the end of every session: An oral quiz would be conducted at the end of every session. This would help improve students’ participation is the session and to understand the knowledge gain by the students.
  • Online Quiz at the end of every week: An online quiz to be held every week and the top three students recognized. This would be based on infrastructure availability – If infrastructure unavailable it could be conducted as a written quiz.

  • The students will get an opportunity to attend mock technical interviews from the expert panel trainers from corporate.
  • The students will enhance their capability in terms of answering the technical questions.
  • The students will realize their strength & weakness and prepare for the same.

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