Puppet Masters Team Building Activity

An Innovative Team Building Activity

Puppet Masters is the ultimate test of communication, collaboration and performance as teams manipulate gigantic puppets to perform seemingly simple human actions. Puppet Masters encourages teams to break down a more challenging task into achievable steps while also providing high-energy fun. This activity gives team members the opportunity to experience creativity and understanding.


First, participants are divided into teams, along with props and guidelines for the construction of puppet. Following detailed plans and instructions, teams must cut, score, and fold the resources provided to create, assemble and decorate their puppet. Teams must stand their puppets up, act as it’s controllers and work to perform simple human actions. To succeed, team members become the ‘nerve centre’ controlling a myriad of movements as they walk down the “puppet catwalk” to a song of their choice.


Puppet Masters is an innovative team building activity that requires all individuals to be involved in strategy and project planning, both in the design stage and movement of the puppet. It requires keen teamwork and crystalline communication to make the puppet carry out human actions.



2 to 3 Hours


20 to 500


  • - Cross-Functional Co-operation
  • - Exploring Excellence
  • - Fun & Motivation
  • - Practical Leadership
  • - Project Planning
  • - Stimulating Creativity
  • - Strategy Communication
  • - Improving team unity and team spirit


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