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Trekking or a trek refers to a foot journey of long duration to regions, which are not usually featured with availability of any common mode of transport. In spite of the fact that this kind of adventurous activity is undertaken on a mountainous area, still this is different from mountaineering. Trekking is one of the most famous adventure sports in India. The mountain ranges of India promise breathtaking and exciting trekking trips. The rugged beauty of these lofty mountains attracts travellers and tourists from all over the world.


Trekking has been one of the most favoured adventure activities in India. Apart from exploring the rugged mountains, Indian trekking routes even offer, a trekking enthusiast, the opportunity to fall in love with nature. The shimmering waterfalls along with the meandering rivers flowing through those mountain ranges add on to the beauty of the nature. The country, being the location of some of the beautiful places in the world, has got many unexplored places that attract a trekking lover most. Owing to the fact that trekking is mostly done in places located at high altitudes, these trekking areas in the nation are pollution free. Any trekking tour in India even ensures to make a visitor flavour the touch of the country as well as its people.


Our leaders are selected for their personality, their experience in adventure travel and their wealth of knowledge of the area within which they work. They are well - trained and have the ability to provide the support you should expect when you visit remote areas of the country. They are able to cope with most emergency situations including those requiring emergency. Porters are mostly hired locally in the trekking area, climbing to higher positions by learning in the field and under going training.



4 Hours


20 to 500


  • - Increased confidence
  • - Facing your fears
  • - Challenging limited beliefs
  • - Impossible is Nothing
  • - Improved focus


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