Zombieland Team Building Activity

Stay Together To Survive

Zombieland team building activity is one of the top team exercises which can have lasting positive impacts for an organization. This activity promotes and improve the decision making of each employees and see how they work as a team in instances they need to face challenges.


​Groups people are trapped in a room with a chained-up zombie. Participants will have an hour to solve a series of riddles and puzzles and get the key to escape the room before the zombie eats everyone in group. Every five minutes the zombie’s chain gets longer, and participans have less room to move, which threatens the ability to solve the riddles.


To survive participants must work together and do it quickly, before time runs out. If the team does not find the final key, they will succumb to the apocalypse and each member will become a zombie! Often someone tries to take on the role of leader and refuses to listen to their members’ ideas. Strong leadership is crucial to survival, but so is listening.


The teamwork skills gained from solving the clues manifest themselves in the workplace, where listening, communication and creative thinking are all crucial in collaborative projects.



60 Minutes


20 to 200


  • - Leadership
  • - Creativity
  • - Communication
  • - Listening
  • - Team Work
  • - Problem Solving


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