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Induction Program and Behavioural Skills Training

The purpose of an induction procedure is to assist a new employee in the “settling down ” process. Starting a new job is a stressful experience, due to new situations and demands plus fears of looking silly. During the settling – in period, a new employee is unlikely to be effective or fully productive and may even leave if the feelings of unease are strong enough.

It is therefore worth spending time on effective induction, as real cost savings can be made on avoidance of accidents caused through unfamiliarity, rapid achievement of full productivity, and avoidance of costs incurred in unnecessary recruitment to replace lost employees.

Induction Training Objectives

  • The understanding company, its culture, clients, competitors and job profile
  • Get to know the code of contact, general behaviors and general procedures of the company
  • To aware business structure, department, expectation, leave policy, and other relevant employment details
  • To increase accountability and increase ownership
  • To develop and hone the ability for decision making
  • To develop effective communication skills of listening, speaking and presentation
  • To improve interpersonal skills
  • To develop problem-solving, creative and critical thinking skills
  • To promote team cohesion in diverse attributes (Attitude, Skills, Behaviour, Beliefs)
  • To equip with conflict resolution skills
  • To promote time management skills
  • To foster self-reflection/metacognition
  • To develop skills for Stress Management and build competencies for personal effectiveness
  • To encourage the importance of personal and workplace Hygiene

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