Face your Fear

Bar bending is an exercise for trust and building resonance with your partner. Standing opposite each other you will place the rod on your throat. We will motivate and train you and as you walk towards each other the rod will bend in half! This is an experience in the value of trust and team work.


Rebars are steel bars that are used in construction to reinforce concrete. You wouldn’t be able to bend it with your hands. But like all of our activities, it is possible, you just need to challenge yourself to face your fears and embrace the moment. Facing your partner with a rebar pressed against the soft part of your neck or hand requires a lot of trust and courage before you walk towards each other. Watch the rebar bend before your eyes.

The real beauty of this challenge is how it takes two people to complete it. They both need to focus on themselves as well as the other person. It is perfect for looking at trust and team work. It’s a really powerful bonding experience for the partners as well as the whole team as they celebrate each other’s success.


How powerful this activity is, when it comes to developing trust, friendship and top class teams. Your team will talk about this for a long time and the shared experience will really bond them.

  • Facing your fears
  • Learn and experience trust
  • Working together at a whole new level
  • Increased confidence
  • Life inside and outside the comfort zone
  • Team work


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