Circus Skills

The circus is the only fun you can buy that is good for you - Hemingway

Circus skills offer a fun and novel method of bringing groups of people together as a cohesive and effective team. The simple yet challenging nature of our activities, along with the shared experience, gives people the opportunity to break through their own barriers and leaves them energised and motivated to produce innovative results together.


Team-building workshops are a popular way to enhance problem-solving, trust and communication skills at work. Sieger Group, brings you a day of Circus Skills, fun and unique challenges, offering participants the opportunity to learn various skills from juggling and plate spinning through to low-wire tightrope walking and stilt walking!


  • Acrobatic Balancing takes people supporting and trusting each other.
  • Stilt Walking calls for you to allow yourself to be supported while you rediscover how to walk.
  • Juggling requires patience, commitment and the willingness to get things wrong.
  • All of the Circus Arts involve a certain amount of fear – the fear of falling, the fear of failure or just the fear of looking bad in others’ eyes. Not being stopped when faced with fear takes commitment and courage.


Our Circus workshops helps participants to discover new talents, hidden skills and unleash a lot of fun. Our Experienced Circus trainers take your team through a range of activities to boost self-esteem and encourage bonding. Workshops include a tailored program with an appropriate level of risk and professional quality equipment.


  • All members can achieve the outcomes,
  • A unique and enjoyable experience for you and your team,
  • Creation and development of sustainable team performance behaviours,
  • Re-invigorate, re-energise and re-focus teams,
  • Builds trust, openness and stronger relationships,
  • Heighten the sense of team organisational values,
  • Increase self-esteem,
  • Effectively work towards common goals,
  • Target diversity and inclusion as a team success factor.


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