Conflict Resolution and Management


Conflict, like change, will always occur given the dynamics of human interactions. It will occur between family members, workers, colleagues, supervisors, boards of management, in our work or play environments, between organizations and within organizations. Why is this? Because we all have different interests, goals, perceptions, viewpoints, values and experiences. It is normal for people that live and work well together to have conflicts from time to time.

Participant Benefits


Conflict Management through Outdoor learning will help you manage and positively engage with conflict to make you and the people around you more effective and productive. It will help you identify potential conflicts before they fully arise and will give you the confidence to manage it effectively and to deal with a range of confrontational situations in the workplace and outside. Take a Conflict Management outdoor learning with Sieger Training, one of the leading outbound training company.


  • Enhance your understanding of human behaviour and its effect on others
  • Become aware of your own conflict resolution style
  • Develop strategies to enable you to manage conflict more effectively in the workplace
  • Turn conflict and potential conflict into a productive resource

Learning Outcomes

Our Conflict Management Outdoor Learning course is designed to meet the specific needs of our clients depending on their personal/organisational requirements and existing skills set. This activity based course will address the following through outdoor learning method for optimum result:


  • Causes of conflict at work
  • Stages of conflict escalation
  • Your natural response to conflict
  • Understanding others’ perceptions and expectations
  • Identifying passive, aggressive and assertive behaviour
  • Creating shared aims and vision; SMART goals
  • Identifying your own style
  • Managing difficult situations
  • Maintaining a confident state of mind
  • Structuring and controlling the conversation
  • Techniques for defusing arguments
  • Giving criticism and feedback
  • Defending and justifying your position
  • Saying ‘No’ effectively

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