Corporate Summer Camp

Summer Camp for your employees - Making school holidays care-free for you

During summer holiday, for many parents particularly for working parents, it's highly difficult to get childcare or time off for the whole 6 weeks. We Sieger, specialise in offering an exciting non-residential summer camp programs for kids between 7 and 16 years offering the highest quality camps in your company premises with special emphasis on innovative, art and crafts, indoor / outdoor activities and etc.

Summer Camp for your employee Kids

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The objective of this Corporate Summer camp is to offer an opportunity for the Employee Kids to grow, develop and practice the principles of togetherness and self-reliance at your office premises. Children have an unforgettable time while gaining confidence, social skills, enthusiasm, independence and creativity. The camp environment and facilitators helps promote teamwork, leadership and unity. All wrapped up in a bundle of Joy !!!!! which promote self-discovery through participation.


  • Games & Activities: Play Indoor and Outdoor Games and Activities.
  • Adventures: Play Adventure Games to boost your confidence.
  • Make your own Robot: A technical workshop that will teach kids to make an interesting robot for themselves.
  • Painting Feeling: Play with colors & brushes, make a rainbow or hand painting.
  • Care For Nature: Make your own puppet with a beautiful story for a show.
  • Play with Clay: Clay is the best gift for creativity. Let us learn to make an interesting object from your dream world.
  • Grandma Stories: Every story teaches some lesson & create a good impact on our mind.
  • Little Etiquette: Learn about the basic etiquette of our day to day life.
  • Dancing Moves: Workshop on dance and rhythm development.
  • Craft and Thinking: Make an interesting article with your own imagination and funny mask of expression.
  • Sculpture Art: Learn the art of making things into various shapes and sizes.
  • Sound and Music: Developing body senses through music and sound. Learn about different sound and their sources.
  • Theater Workshop with Movie Scripting: Learn about what it takes to make a movie of your own.
  • Your Fashion & Grooming: The way you groom and the way you appear is a very important part of the personality. Learn some of the interesting technique which can make smart.
  • Social Living & Etiquette: Living in society expects certain etiquette what do we really know them? A workshop that will teach you to be a better citizen for the future.
  • Dance, Singing & Music: Reinforcing basic skills in numeracy and literacy through music.

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Sieger Summer Camp


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