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1. What is Outbound Training?

Outbound Trainings (OBT) / Outbound Learning (OBL) are a training method for enhancing organizational performance through experiential learning by using, outdoor as a classroom to provide unparalleled opportunities for discovery, personal growth, self-reliance, teamwork and compassion.

Outbound Training is based on experiential learning model, includes group activities and games where participants go through challenges, obstacles (physically, Mentally) and have to work together to overcome them. Each Outdoor activity has a structured approach to bring out specific learning and connect it back to the real / work life work situation. Such programs are often also referred to as corporate adventure training, Outbound Learning and Outdoor Learning.

2. What is Team Building?

Team Building is a technique used to maximise team performance through interaction and collaboration to solve a common goal by various activities to improve the output, productivity of teams and departments. These team activities range from simple bonding exercises, to more complex problem-solving designed to test and develop the capacity of individuals to work together. Team Building motive is to achieve the organization vision and objectives.

3. What is Experiential Learning?

Experiential learning is a method of learning through first-hand experience and specifically defined as "learning through reflection on doing". Skills, knowledge, and experience are acquired outside of the traditional academic classroom setting. Experience-based learning is so effective because it helps establish lasting behaviour change. Rather than simply understanding a new subject or gaining a skill, Experiential Learning develop new habits and behaviours.

4. What is Adventure Learning?

Adventure Learning is a form of the Experiential Learning through adventure centered experiences. It is an approach to instructional design that actively engages participants in authentic, mentally and physically challenging tasks. Hence, Adventure Training is a learning process that encourages, participants work both independently and collaboratively to complete tasks, solve problems, and support one another as they are challenged to go outside of their comfort zones.

5. Why Choose Sieger for Outbound Training & Team Building Programs?

We are recognised as an industry leader in the planning and delivery of Outbound Training & Team Building programs. Our instructors are highly qualified and experienced to create adventures and team activites. Our participants range from C-Suite Executives / CXOs, Senior & Middle Level Management, Managers, Executives, Employees, Shop Floor (Blue Collars) Employees, Unionised Employees, Vendors, Channel Partners, Fresh Entrants, Income Tax & Commercial Tax Officials, Police Officials, Public Sector Officials, College & School Staffs and Students. For more information please check Why choose Sieger

6. Where are Outbound Training & Team Building programs Delivered?

With most recognized facilitators from India or with local facilitators in each state, we can deliver programs all over India, or we can facilitate a program at your workplace or find another indoor or outdoor venue that suits your requirements. For more information please check Team Outing Places in India

7. What about Safety in Sieger?

Our long-standing reputation for safety is one of the most often-stated reasons for using our Outbound Training Services. We give highest priority to the safety and well being of participants. Every aspect of our outdoor activities are carefully and diligently evaluated. We pride ourselves on this and take our responsibilities seriously.

8. Who are my Facilitators?

Our professional facilitators are highly skilled and a special breed – intelligent, articulate, contagiously energetic and unfailingly gracious. Each has the experience and sensitivity needed to balance corporate realities with pure, unbridled fun. Our team is equipped to keep your comfort level very high while achieving the desired results.

9. How do I choose what program to select for our team?

Our Professionals really pride themselves in being able to match your team with an event that is both fun and beneficial, that meets your budget and desired outcome. We work with you to assess your needs and recommend the best options from over 100 tried and true Offsite events. Just a desire to make sure that we can understand your needs and passion to deliver a program that exceeds them.

10. What is the duration of Outbound Training / Team Building program?

Typically Team Building programs ranges from 1.5 hours up to a full day. It all depends on your time available, the outcomes you seek to achieve and the type of program you wish to do. Our most popular programs run 4 hours or less. Just like everything else, we can tailor to your timeframe. Outbound Training (Learning and Development) programs can be 1-Day to 3-Day with quarterly follow-up.

11. Can we include our company brand or message into the program?

Absolutely. We can creatively incorporate your tagline, new product launch theme or other branding elements into pretty much any event. Some clients even ask us to customize entire games or activities to support specific messaging and we have done this earlier.

12. How much does the program costs?

On a page of frequently asked questions, pricing is the question most commonly asked. The answer is, ‘ it depends.’ Our goal is to help you choose the right program for your team. There are lots of variables to consider: which program? For how many? How long? Your location? What materials will we need. Or, your program budget will also help narrow down the options.

13. What Result can I expect from Outbound Training / Team Building Programs?

Before designing the program we will take the desired outcomes you would like to achieve and we will identify tailor a program to achieve your objectives. In general, you can expect our programs to develop your team in leadership, communication, teamwork, confidence, bonding, responsibility, trust, respect, morale and having fun!

14. How much notice do we need to give to book Outbound Training / Team Building?

Like any business, the more notice you can provide helps our planning. However, we have very good network all over India, we can deliver programs with as little as one weeks’ notice too.

15. What happen in the situation of unpleasant weather on the day of the program?

If the weather looks unsuiatble, we have a number of options available to you including; an indoor alternative which acheives your desired outcomes or rescheduling your event.


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Sieger Outbound Training & division has served over 80,000 participants with our authentic outdoor activities.

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Leading Outbound Training Company in India


Team Building Events provide unparalleled opportunities for discovery, personal growth, self-reliance, teamwork and compassion.

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Leading Outbound Training Company in India


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