mental, physical, and emotional experiences

Challenge course high elements are challenges experienced by individuals, partners, and groups at a height of ten to forty feet above ground level. Heights above forty feet may be obtained if trees, structures, and taller poles are available.

How it works?

All high elements require a safety mechanism called a "belay" system. The elements produce powerful memories and provoke deep thoughts and emotions, while challenging physical abilities. Most activities teach balance, coordination, and concentration along with a great sense of confidence, positive view of self, and leaping beyond the barriers of perceived limits.


The degree of difficulty (mental, physical, and emotional) found within the element is dependent upon the level at which each person challenges themselves. These activities can parallel actual life experiences in such a way that can teach individuals to face new challenges with a deeper understanding of how to cope and triumph over a diversity or difficulty. We do make sure that you have a fantastic time; learning techniques, exploring different skills, and practising your aim. We can put the targets up close or far back depending on your ability.

list of High Rope Courses


1. Inclined Log: The Inclined Log provides a real balance test. This element tends to be the most mentally challenging of the initial high elements.


2. Two Line Bridge: The Two Line Bridge is more physically taxing and less difficult mentally. It is constructed with a foot cable and hand cable.


3. Balance Beam: Most people can walk on the beam easily without holding the belay rope, however, the perceived ability is usually much lower than the actual ability to walk the beam.


4. Burma Bridge: The Burma Bridge stands out as the easiest high element physically and mentally. It is constructed with a foot cable and a cable for each hand.


5. Kitten Crawl: Two parrallel foot cables are used to traverse this obstacle.


6. High Wild Woozy: This element proves to be the most entertaining of all. The High Wild Woozy presents an excellent visual dichotomy between perceived risk and ultimate safety.


7. Multivine: The Multivine provides participants with the challenge of balance, concentration, and focus. The participant traverses the foot cable with the use of dangling ropes to grasp as they move.


8. Dangle Duo: The Dangle Duo is a partner activity that requires problem solving, physical strength, balance, and determination.


9. Heebee Geebee: Two crossed wires are connected to a horizontal cable. The crossed cables are for holding and the horizontal cable is for traversing.


10. Team Beams: Two suspended telephone poles secured in an elongated "x" formation. This element provides a partner traverse from one end of the "x" to the other.


11. Zip Line: A Zip Wire is constructed as a single cable between two trees or poles which participants slide down with the use of a pulley attached to the participant's harness. It is one of the most highlighted elements in a high challenge course program and is used as a tower exit element.


12. Zip Line Exit: In order to exit the element there must be a ladder system to get the participant off the zip tether. There are several ladder options that are acceptable for zip line exit use. These options include a-frame ladders, rolling staircases, and even mechanical lift systems. Depending on your facilities number of participants, you should consider which exit system will be the most convenient.


13. Power Pole: The Power Pole usually brings out the height of emotional, mental, and physical challenge. Used often as a culmination activity, the Power Pole provides the ultimate goal for many participants.


14. Giant Swing: This element is also known as a Breathtaker, Screamer, or a Pendulum Swing. The participant is attached to a cable that is pulled up by their team to the height of their choice. When ready, a release cord is pulled and the participant swings. This element is a lot of fun and gets a large group of people involved in the experience.


15. Raider Bridge: This element has two foot cables that are attached together by small boards. These boards are spaced at various lengths from each other and the participant must walk across them. This becomes difficult because some of the boards can move and the whole bridge swings, making balance difficult.


16. Cargo Net: An excellent high element for all ages and abilities. The Cargo Net is challenging but has so many options for climbing. Unlike a Rock Wall, you always have a hand hold and a foot hold which makes it simpler, but no less of a challenge.


17. Vertical Play Pen: This combination climbing apparatus includes rock climbing holds, cargo nets, suspended tires, and ladders. It is a physically challenging as well as a visually interesting addition to your course.


18. Jacobs Ladder: Working as a team you need to try and climb the Jacobs Ladder. The higher you climb, the further apart the rungs become. With up to 4 people on the ladder at a time you'll end up in some positions that you didn't think possible. This is no place for hero's as you won't manage it on your own! You have been warned!


19. Rope Walk: Ever tried walking along a rope just above the ground without falling off? Could you do it at height? This element requires you to do just that. Simply climb up a ladder onto the rope and walk from one end to the other. Just don't fall off otherwise you'll be dangling in space!


20. High Beam: Can you pull and stand up on top of the beam ? If only it was a short distance off the ground, but it’s not, it’s 40ft high!


21. Postman's Walk: Higher still and above the Balance Beam this elements requires you to traverse a cable from one end to the other using only the cable for your feet and a head high rope for your hands. Just don't lean too far back!


22. Cross the Canal Challenge: A fun activity for all age groups. Your group builds a raft using ropes and other equipment to get your team across the canal. The task is to get your team across the canal without getting wet!! Why not try it and see how many of your team stay dry.


23. Monkey Swings: Swings that are not to sit on but to stand on! all you need to do is to cross the gap by stepping from Swing to swing! Sounds simple? We’ll see!


24. Criss Cross: Two ropes criss crossing at the centre. A challenge to test your agility and hand/eye co-ordination.


25. Indian Rope Bridge: A ladder with a difference. Laid horizontally makes climbing a ladder a doddle! No hands and only 10 feet off the ground!


26. Grapevine: If height's are not a problem then this is for you! Trying to hold on to those vines while you cross the divide is not as easy as you think!


27. Crate Stack: The challenge is to build a tower of crates while climbing as high as possible with. Get your group as high as they can by collaboratively working as a whole team through organised stacking, climbing & rope work. Suitable for ages 8 and up.


28. Trapeze: Once you’ve climbed the wobbly telegraph pole and mastered standing on the small platform, prepare yourself for a ‘leap of faith’ towards the trapeze bar which swings high above the ground. Not to worry if you miss it; each person is attached to a rope. An activity that challenges both physically and mentally.


29. High All Aboard: Climb up the 10 meter high pole using removable pegs and rungs until you reach the small platform at the top. Then try and stand up!!! The only problem is that the higher you climb, the more wobbly the pole becomes! Once at the top how many of you can you fit up there? This will depend on your group size but 4 of you will be a tight squeeze but possible!


30. The Twister: This is a great individual activity (although it can be done in pairs), get yourself into a knot, no fear of heights required. This element is a great filler activity while participants are waiting for other elements on the High Ropes Course.


31. High Vines: Above the Balance Beam and Postman's Walk, this crossing requires you to walk along another cable with only the help of the rope vines hanging down for you to hold on to. Rather annoyingly however they are a full arm span apart and more than a little unstable!


32. Abseiling Tower: This side of the tower provides a great abseiling wall, once over the edge, you’ll be wanting to go backup to the top for more.


33. Climbing Tower: Two sides of the 40ft tower have been specially designed to accommodate a wide range of climbing routes from steep sides to a more gentle slope for starting off.


34. Three Line Bridge: The Three Line Bridge takes the high ropes course visitor from 20 feet up to 30 in just a few steps. On your way up you pass over the tops of cedar trees and all of your team mates below. All of our guests go through detailed instructions on the safety equipment we use. Our facilitators are right in the trees at all times with you.



NOTE: This is a list of the most common elements built for new Challenge Courses by Sieger Outbound Adventures. If you are searching for a specific element not listed, please call or send a description or sketch for review. Our high ropes climbing course is an exciting series of challenges that test skills, agility and courage for all ages & abilities. Conquer your fear of heights under the supervision of our fully qualified instructors.

High Rope Team Building Courses


High Rope Team Building Courses


High Rope Team Building Courses


High Rope Team Building Courses


High Rope Team Building Courses


High Rope Team Building Courses


High Rope Team Building Courses


High Rope Team Building Courses


High Rope Team Building Courses


High Rope Team Building Courses


High Rope Team Building Courses


High Rope Team Building Courses


High Rope Team Building Courses


High Rope Team Building Courses


High Rope Team Building Courses


High Rope Team Building Courses


High Rope Team Building Courses


High Rope Team Building Courses



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