What is Motivation? “Motivation is an internal process that makes a person move toward a goal. It is a driving force which affects the choice of alternatives in the behaviour of a person. It improves, stimulates and induces leading to goal-oriented behaviour.


Motivation is the secret ingredient that energizes, maintains, and enhances performance. Strategically, a motivated person is more likely to innovate, achieve goals, deliver quality work, and work more productively. Practically, a motivated workforce is less likely to have conflict, absenteeism, and turnover. That makes learning how to motivate self and others more important than ever in today’s competitive and demanding business environment.


This Experiential Motivation Learning course will teach you the strategies for becoming a highly self-motivated person and also leaves ideas to motivate others for win-win situation.

  • Explore motivation through a fun activity
  • Self-Motivation Strategies, time and time again, to mobilise.
  • Skills, Habits & Behaviors to Reach Goals
  • Explore motivation and its impact on performance, and attitude.
  • Creating SMARTER Goals Quickly and Momentum to Reach Longer Term Goals
  • Build up Motivation again after the Enthusiasm Wears off
  • Able to differentiate ‘Positive’ stress from both ‘Negative’ and ‘Neutral’ stress and how they affect us in different ways.
  • Increasing self-motivation, enhance sense of well-being and maximise potentials.
  • Learn skills to apply performance management techniques using positive approaches
  • Culture of continuous improvement is developed
  • Learn to ask questions and listen to elicit what really motivates and uncover values.
  • Discover how to make others more comfortable when receiving feedback.
  • Learn 'one size fits all' motivation approach is damaging the team
  • Explore various motivational factors.
  • Learn ten things can do to motivate others on a daily basis.
  • What to do when we become negative or others are negative
  • Develop individual action plans to achieve motivation level

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"Designed to improve the ability to stand out from the crowd and adopt the right attitude so that we can excel in any situations.

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Leading Outbound Training Company in India


Designed to improve the ability to get the best by setting and communicating specific goals, together with giving constructive feedback.

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Leading Outbound Training Company in India


Develop the ability to communicate effectively with superiors, colleagues, and staff, no matter what industry the person work in.

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