Nail Walking

Breaking through beliefs of ‘I can’t’ and it’s ‘not possible’

Unlike the firewalk and glasswalk, the nail walk requires a totally different approach: the pressure, focused, slow, determined. This experiential learning or workshops experiences around goal setting, self-efficacy, resilience, mindfulness.

How it works?

Barefoot on stainless steel nails requires you to pay attention, close attention, 100% attention. It teaches how to move forward with absolute certainty on a successful outcome and how to move forward with the end result in mind, and being equiped to make amendments along the way.

There will also be a very evident boost to team camaraderie. You will be in awe at the silence in the room as each person walks across the stainless steel nails and you will feel the tension and the support from everyone as you take your first step. The cheers when you step off will be just as deafening as the silence.

As an absolute minimum you should allow 1.5 to 2 hours for this event. The actual time required could be longer though depending on your number and desired outcomes. Our approach is flexible though and we can usually modify any event to suit the time constraints of your event.

It is an excellent opportunity to become aware of the negative talk in your head and change it from “I can’t” to “I can”.

Our unique approach will train your team to undertake this challenge in a safe and empowering manner that will have great benefits for them as individuals and as a team.

Nail Walking Nail Walking Nail Walking Nail Walking Nail Walking Nail Walking


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