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A typical day at work presents a steady stream of problems to solve, decisions to make, data to decipher, and situations to assess. We perform analysis so routinely that we don’t always realize we are doing it, much less that there are scientific principles and strategies we could use to do it better.

This workshop will give you a tool to speed up analysis and problem solving, reduce the stress of decision making, and improve your confidence. You will learn analyze a problem critically and objectively and discover robust and proven tools and techniques for assessing a problem and finding a solution. Your freshly sharpened analytical skills will help you make defendable decisions that ensure the best use of resources and that are considerate of all stakeholders.

Analytical Thinking         Analytical Thinking


  • Understand how Analytical Thinking can help Management and Operations
  • Evaluate Role of Analytics In Problem Solving Framework
  • Apply Analytical Thinking concepts and techniques applicable to any Industry
  • Diagnose Root Causes for Business, Management and Operational Problems
  • Present Possible Solutions from Analytical, Systemic and Out-of-the-Box Thinking
  • Comprehend the “Big-Picture” for Decision Making by SWOT and PESTEL Analysis
  • Evaluate the impact of output and outcome towards strategy execution
  • Develop Alternative Ideas Through “Out-of-the-Box” Thinking Framework

1. Introduction to Analytical Thinking In Problem Solving & Solution Development

  • Clarification
  • Ideation
  • Development
  • Implementation

2. Analytics, Brainstorming, Creativity, Decision-Making & Execution [ABCDE]

  • Divergent & Convergent Thinking – Guidelines & Tools
  • Roles In ABCDE: Client, Facilitator & Resource Group
  • Statement Starters:  Imagine The Future, Find The Questions & Plan For Action

3. Stages In Analytics [Osborn - Parnes’ & Analytical Thinking Framework]

  • Objective Finding
  • Fact-Finding
  • Problem Finding
  • Idea Finding
  • Solution Finding
  • Acceptance Finding

4. Analytical Thinking & Idea Finding Techniques

  • Inverse
  • Forced Connections
  • Analogy

5. Brief Concept Introduction to Analytical Thinking Tools & Techniques

  • Analytical Thinking Concepts For Strategy Execution
  • Root Cause Analysis: Ishikawa Fishbone Diagram – 6M –Cause / Effect Analysis – Force Field Analysis – Scatter Diagrams
  • Process, Brain & Mind Mapping
  • SWOT Analysis
  • PESTEL Analysis
  • Why – Why & 5 Why Analysis
  • Blue / Red Ocean Analysis
  • Balancing Logic & Creativity By Six Hats & Lateral Thinking Framework

6. Developing the Solution for Biz & Operational Problems

  • 5W1H [What - When - Where - Who - Why - How]
  • Going Beyond 5W1H: "Why Not" Analysis - Transformation & Innovation for Biz Process Reengineering leading to Business Performance Management
  • Effective Brainstorming Techniques
  • Idea Generation Template For Analytical Thinking & Solution Development
  • Organization Specific Biz Challenge - EGO [Expectation - Goals - Objectives] Analysis - Solution Finding


The duration of the training program will be 5 days - ONLINE 3 Hours per day



  • LIVE Interactive online facilitation
  • Videos
  • Group Activities
  • Case Studies
  • Home work every day after each module
  • Specific ACTION plan for each individuals

The following will be provided by your organization

  • Laptop / Desktop for each participants
  • Stable Internet connection since session deliver online.


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