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“The people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones who do.” - Steve Jobs


“Employees who feel they are valued and recognised for the work they do are more motivated, responsible, and productive!.” Motivating your team is essential to maintaining engagement and eagerness. Supervisors and Managers must be aware of the work culture and attitudes in order to gauge the motivation of teams. Applying motivational theories and managing staffs expectations will improve morale and team performance. This Motivating Workforce Program help supervisors and managers create a more dynamic, loyal, and energised workplace.

This workshop packed full of motivation techniques and ideas this motivation training aims to provide a real set of actions that learners can take back to the workplace.

Motivating Employees


On completion of this program Managers and Supervisors will be able to:

  • Understand how people can be motivated.
  • Apply the theories of motivation in the workplace.
  • Create a sense of purpose through goal setting and reaching targets.
  • Understand the relationship between motivation and job satisfaction.
  • Motivate themselves and their subordinates.
  • Use time management techniques to speed up the processes.
  • Boost employee engagement levels and enjoy the proven outcomes.
  • Discover how fear and desire affect employee motivation
  • Substitute lethargic vocabulary with motivational communication.
  • Implement a long term plan to sustain the motivational techniques applied in the workplace.
  • Explore ways to create a motivational climate and design a motivating job


This workshop is for managers, supervisors, team leaders and anyone responsible for managing staff. This course provides with workable techniques to help become an inspiring leader, creating a shared vision for the people around them and understanding how to effectively inspire and motivate individuals and teams.


1. Understand the Role of Employee Motivation within the Organization

  • What is Motivation? Defining beliefs about motivation
  • Qualities of a motivated individual
  • Understanding motivators & common demotivators; recognizing motivators in workplace
  • Effects of poor motivation
  • Benefits to the Manager
  • Benefits to the Organization
  • Building trust in your team

2. Personal and Employee Motivation

  • Managing staff's expectations and what do people want from their jobs?
  • Building motivation through staff involvement
  • Motivation to work – a self-analysis
  • Developing motivational staff surveys
  • Distinguishing between the hygiene factors and the higher motivators
  • Maintaining personal motivation to lead a team

3. The Theories of Motivation

  • Hierarchy of Needs
  • ERG Theory
  • Two Factor Theory
  • Achievement, Power, and Affiliation

4. Motivation techniques

  • Equity, Expectancy, and Goal Setting
  • Questions for evaluating and generating motivation
  • Discovering other motivations exercise
  • Supporting employees self-actualization
  • Motivation surveys asking them what’s important

5. Positive feedback as a motivation tool

  • Key points when giving positive feedback
  • Opportunities to deliver feedback in the workplace
  • Strengths exercise
  • Motivation by walking about
  • Dealing with Individual Morale Problems

6. Action planning and reflection

  • Review of learning and action planning, course feedback
  • Individual reflection and action planning, facilitated group review


ONLINE: The duration of the training program will be 3 days - 2 Hours per day

ONSITE: The duration of the training program will be 1 days



  • LIVE Interactive online / Onsite facilitation
  • Videos
  • Group Activities
  • Case Studies
  • Home work every day after each module
  • Specific ACTION plan for each individuals
  • Combination of Presentations and Examples from Facilitator and Interactive / Hands-On Participants’ Exercises with Individual Report-Outs

The following will be provided by your organization

  • Laptop / Desktop for each participants
  • Stable Internet connection since session deliver online.


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