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“Learning, understanding and applying negotiation skills has become more important than ever as we deal with more interpersonal complexities and lesser resources in a time-compressed world.”


Negotiation Skills Course

Learning, understanding and applying negotiation skills has become more important than ever in the 21st century workplace and marketplace as we deal with more interpersonal complexities and work with lesser resources in a time-compressed world.

We negotiate all the time, with our bosses, with customers and suppliers, with friends and with family members. Negotiation is a process whereby people deal with their differences. To negotiate is to achieve mutual agreement through a progressive and productive dialogue.



Senior managers, managers, senior executives, Sales Professional and anyone who participate in negotiation.


On completion of this program the participants will be able to:

  • Create a collaborative climate for a negotiation
  • Control the negotiation regardless of the style you meet
  • Positively influence all aspects of a negotiation
  • Minimize resistance from the other party
  • Prepare strategically
  • Handle concessions with confidence
  • Build an agreement using a four steps method
  • Manage difficult negotiation situations
  • Approach cross-cultural negotiation more confidently


1. Basics of Negotiation

  • Negotiation - What is? & What is not?
  • Negotiation - Misconception to Facts. Demystify some of the myths about Negotiation

2. Effective Negotiator

  • Key qualities of an Effective Negotiator - That which separates the average negotiator to an effective negotiator
  • Participants to reflect on their experience and identify as to what they are good at and what they need to improve / develop.

3. Relevance of Power in Negotiation

  • What is Power?  How is Power different from Coercion? NO TRICKS - The 8 Sources of Power
  • NO TRICKS - Need, Options, Time, Relationship, Investment, Credibility, Knowledge & Skills
  • How to gain the sources? - Art of Probing - Open, Closed & Limiting
  • Art of Probing - Situational Role Play - Understanding the importance of Probing in gaining Power

4. Trust, Tension & Value

  • The linkage between the Trust, Tension & Value.  Also discuss as to how Trust, Tension, and Value play a role in effective negotiation
  • Participants to identify as to what they can do to enhance the level of Trust in their customer relationships
  • Building Trust - The 10 Behaviours - Discuss the 10 Behaviours that participants can demonstrate to build trust.

5. Negotiation Strategies & Mistakes

  • Strategies that the Negotiator can use & the Mistakes that he/she should avoid.
  • How & when to apply the Negotiation Strategies?  How they can be beneficial to the Negotiator?
  • What are the consequences of making negotiation mistakes?  How can the Negotiator avoid the mistakes?
  • What Negotiation situations can I use Negotiation Strategies?  What negotiation mistakes had I committed in the past & how I can avoid the same?

6. Managing & Resolving Conflicts

  • What are the causes of Conflicts during Negotiation?
  • What are the consequences when conflicts are not managed & resolved effectively during negotiation?
  • The 5 Conflict Management / Resolution Styles - Compete, Collaborate, Compromise, Accommodate & Avoid.
  • Identify dominant Conflict Management Style with the help of Questionnaire. How & When to put the dominant style in action?
  • How to use the various Conflict Management / Resolutions Styles?
  • What are the situations when the Conflict Management / Resolutions Styles can be applied?

7. Negotiation Planning

  • The ICON Model of Negotiation Planning - How to apply the ICON Model?
  • Components of ICON Model - BPA, MPA, BATNA, TACOW, etc. Understand & apply the ICON Model

8. Case Studies, Role Plays, Summarize Learning & Key Takeaways


ONLINE:The duration of the training program will be 5 days - 2 Hours per day

ONSITE:The duration of the training program will be 2 days



  • LIVE Interactive online / Onsite facilitation
  • Videos
  • Group Activities
  • Case Studies
  • Home work every day after each module
  • Specific ACTION plan for each individuals

The following will be provided by your organization

  • Laptop / Desktop for each participants
  • Stable Internet connection since session deliver online.


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