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“Those who plan do better than those who do not plan, even though they rarely stick to their plan.” - Winston Churchill


Workplace today, across industries involve their project teams in a whole host of change management towards offering innovative new solutions, products and systems. If these teams are not trained professionals in managing such complex projects, they can’t achieve the slated strategic vision, mission and objectives.

Project Management                     Project Management

This 2 days session aims to assist the management and leadership skills of the project team members across the board. Participants will be walked through the vital ingredients that are essential to successfully manage and execute projects to fruition. Sessions in this workshop includes extensive participant involvement intended to create a platform for experiential knowledge acquisition aimed to hone the skills required from project managers.

Participants will examine a complete set of Project Management (PM) Competencies and Methodologies apart from learning a world-wide accepted PM Body of Language (BOK) to effectively communicate and manage the project needs for the stakeholders.

This workshop provides you a roadmap for your PM future and thus your career success becomes a cake walk! Give your teams the skills they need to move their projects along more effectively and efficiently by nominating them for this program!! After all, we will enable your project organization wins!!!


This workshop will enable participants achieve Increase in Team’s Successful Project Completion Rate, Reduction in Time Over-Runs, and Elimination of Risks. Following are the indicative groups:

  • Learning Project Management from the PMBOK Guide Perspective
  • Enhanced Competency written PMBOK Areas and Five Process Groups
  • Learning Effective Project Planning Techniques & Addressing Project Risks
  • Acquiring communication and influencing skills to promote an enjoyable employee engagement and customer experience
  • Synchronise project management tactics and techniques with customers and nurture growth
  • Creating Project Charter By identifying and Performing Effective Stakeholder Analysis
  • Staffing Projects For Optimal Results By Effective Execution, Monitoring and Controlling
  • Utilising the newly acquired strategies and skills in actual project situations and ensuring customer care


Employees who participate in projects that involve simplifying, improving, restructuring, modelling, reengineering, innovating and transforming key business processes can participate in this workshop and reap the benefits. Following are the indicative groups:

  • Project Administration Executives
  • Project & Team Leads
  • Project and Program Executives, Managers & Directors
  • Account & Customer Relationship Managers
  • Project Delivery Managers
  • Operations / Service Managers
  • Systems Executives / Managers
  • MIS & EDP Professionals

1. Introduction to Project Management

  • What is a project?
  • What is project management?
  • Exploring definitions of project management.
  • Why does the project fail?
  • Exposure to Account & Program Management.

2. Project Life Cycle

  • Business Case
  • Feasibility Study
  • Terms of Reference
  • Setting up a Project team
  • Setting up a PMO

3. Project Planning and Templates

  • Project Plan
  • Resource Plan
  • Financial Plan
  • Quality Plan
  • Communications Plan
  • Procurement Plan
  • Contracting Suppliers

4. Project Execution & Personal / Project Knowledge Management

  • Project Management Processes (Initiating-Planning-Executing-Closing-Controlling)
  • Build Deliverables
  • Monitoring and Control
  • Project Knowledge Management: Knowledge Harvesting and Reuse
  • Project After-Action-Reviews; Aggregation of Best Practices, Lessons Learned, Tips, Tricks & Traps
  • Project Closure

5. Project Management Competency Model

  • Roles & Responsibilities
  • Project Management Organization (Projectized–Functional–Matrix–Mixed)

6. Project Management & Balanced Scorecard

  • Financial
  • Customer
  • Internal Business Process
  • Learning & Growth Perspectives

7. Project Management Body-of-Knowledge (BoK)

  • Integration Management
  • Scope Management
  • Time Management
  • Cost Management
  • Quality Management
  • Human Resources Management
  • Communications Management
  • Risk Management
  • Procurement Management

8. Project Stakeholder Management & PM Tools


The duration of the training program will be 6 days - ONLINE 3 Hours per day



  • LIVE Interactive online facilitation
  • Videos
  • Group Activities
  • Case Studies
  • Home work every day after each module
  • Specific ACTION plan for each individuals

The following will be provided by your organization

  • Laptop / Desktop for each participants
  • Stable Internet connection since session deliver online.


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