We all care about the success of students and strive to provide a positive environment in which students are healthy, motivated, and learning content in innovative ways. We at Sieger ties in to academic curriculum, supports academic standards, and provides real world application. Engaging with Sieger trainers, we plan to conduct innovative outdoor activities smoothly integrating the outdoor classroom time into each day, week, month, or season based on the academic institution choice.


Outdoors Classroom Time at school improves children’s health, supports engagement in learning and leads to a greater connection with nature. Play not only teaches critical life skills such as resilience, teamwork and creativity, but is central to children’s enjoyment of childhood.

At Sieger Outdoor Classroom, we make it simple, easy and cost effective for academic institution to start, develop, and enjoy one-of-a-kind outdoor classroom that integrates perfectly with academic curriculum, outdoor space, and budget.

Sieger Team have numerous Outdoor Activities which can fit the academic institutions curriculam for all the grades. Once the academic units are in the progress, our trainers will also simultaneously get connected with the school curriculam take students outdoor, may be in the school premises by choosing activities that are meaningful and relevant to them, driven by their interests.

On the outdoor day, the students busied themselves in the different stations enthusiastically because of the unstructured time, the freedom to choose what interested them and with the peers they chose. Meanwhile, the teachers made observations, listened to their conversations, delighted by so much learning that was taking place, the skills that were being honed, collaboration that was happening and the normally shy children taking risks and become confident in their abilities.

While the children enjoy playing outdoors, it encourages them to be creative in their thinking and play as their imaginations are stimulated by objects around them. It strengthens their social skills by providing opportunities to collaborate, share, take turns, lead and follow. It also helps them connect with respect .

Give children an opportunity to play outdoors, observe nature and talk or ask questions about things that they see or hear. Also let them play without structure and interruption and get this chance to explore, experience and find out things that might interest them.

Leading Outbound Training Company in India Leading Outbound Training Company in India Leading Outbound Training Company in India

Leading Outbound Training Company in India Leading Outbound Training Company in India Leading Outbound Training Company in India


Leading Outbound Training Company in India


"Teach new pragmatic skills and enhance existing skills, and facilitate maintenance of previously learned positive skills.

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Leading Outbound Training Company in India


Support personal growth using sensitive coaching alongside inspiring challenges to guide students towards their goals.

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Leading Outbound Training Company in India


Today's students are bombarded with problems that would cause even the most well-adjusted adults to fall apart.

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