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The objective of summer camps is to offer an opportunity for the young buddys to grow, develop and practice the principles of togetherness and self-reliance. The in the camps offer wide-based opportunities for physical, emotional, and mental learning and helps to promote teamwork, leadership and unity.

How it works?

Summer Camp can build confidence, overcome fear and inhibitions, inculcate action orientation, improve personal effectiveness, meeting the highest personal goals and discovering how one can unleash one's inner potential to make a difference in their lives and enhance the overall development of the child. Summer Camp activities has a purpose and objective. The variety of activities in the camps includes: community service projects, sport and adventure activities, cultural activities, discussions and friendship-building and game activities to fuel the mental and physical development of the students and are aided by Adventures, Natural history sessions (geography, birding, insects, animals & star gazing), Basic Photography & a lot more interactive activities. All wrapped up in a bundle of Joy !!!!! which promote self-discovery through participation.


We create summer adventures for children, with the primary focus of encouraging a lifetime of activity. At our camps the children can enjoy themselves to the fullest, learn new skills, experience new cultures, and become part of a close, cohesive team and build friendships that last a lifetime. Our adventure camp is dedicated to provide an experience of a life time for the youth, through its professionally designed programs under the supervision and guidance of its highly skilled professional Instructors.


Throughout the expedition, Instructors offer structure as they delineate appropriate limits, help students set realistic goals, and offer ample opportunities for students to be involved in decision-making. With the high school students in particular, it is essential to build an inclusive and supportive group culture from day one. Instructors use sensitive listening and group facilitation techniques to encourage students to learn to honour the things that make each crew member unique, but also acknowledge the common ground the group shares.


This camp is a a perfect offering for kids to experience the warmth of mother nature, the toughness of its soil and the goodness of its environment. Kids shall learn and enjoy the outdoors as they indulge themselves in the activities that bind nature, adventure and education.


We lay a lot of emphasis on safety. Adequate safety measures are put in place with facilitators supervising each activity. Lady facilitator will be available to assist and take care of the female participants. Other measures include availability of first-aid kits and doctor on call.

Our Safety Norms


  • One instructor versus ten children 1:10 ratio
  • Out of the ten instructors four of them will be lady instructors
  • We are running a three day instructor refresher course as a precursor to the camp to ensure safety and quality
  • During the entire camp, one instructor will be totally responsible for ten children from start to finish to ensure that they are under our eyes at all times.
  • We have sensitized our instructors on gender handling
  • The camp will be run on an informal and friendly manner thus making all our instructors very approachable.
  • Full time nurse plus medical bay at campsite
  • Full fledged first-aid kits with instructors during off camp trips
  • An emergency vehicle on stand by at all times
  • A tie up with an large hospital for any emergencies
  • Imported safety equipment being used
  • Backup systems for safety
  • Inspect all safety equipment before and after use
  • Separate toilets for boys and girls
  • Fresh food will be prepared at site in a fully equipped kitchen, the cook team has been sensitized on hygiene, our camp manager will monitor cleanliness on a daily basis
  • Filtered water for drinking

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