Build A City Team Building Activity

Plan, Design And Construct A City That Is Functional And Cohesive

Teams collaborate to design and build a city with using a wide range of materials given to them. Participants are motivated and inspired by successfully working towards a common goal. Together, they develop a common vision and a shared strategy while applying creativity and excellent project management skills.


​ Teams are given sections of a model city to build. The teams collaborate to develop a plan for the city ensuring there is uniformity of design across the zones and that roads, rivers, etc. flow coherently with the other teams’ sections next to theirs and in the city as a whole. Using a wide ranging materials, they build an imaginative and creative city that is functional and aesthetically pleasing. When the time is up, teams join the sections of the city together and celebrate their success in working towards a common goal.


Planning and strategy through effective cross-team communication and collaboration are essential to ensure the zones of the city interconnect and flow. Resource and time management are also necessary in order to complete the project on time.


This team activity is a fun, memorable, shared experience that relies on engagement from all individuals, good team dynamics and collaboration across the whole group to ensure success.



2 to 3 Hours


20 to 1000


  • - Project Planning
  • - Resource Management
  • - Risk Management
  • - Practical Leadership
  • - Stimulating Creativity
  • - Strategy Communication
  • - Uniting Teams


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