Human Foosball Team Building Challenge

Learn The Art Of Communication, Team Cohesion And Respect

Football is a popular, exhilarating social sport and is enjoyed all over the world. Human Foosball resembles a life size table foosball game where participants are strapped that stretches out from one side to the other to stimulate the original game of table foosball. The objective remains the same in Human Foosball where the players work together as a team to move the ball up the field to score goals. Teams will learn the art of communication, team cohesion and respect. Working as a team flatten the hierarchical barriers.


First, players are divided into teams. All players are then trained in safety aspects of the game. After warm up and stretching, the teams then enter the field to battle it out against one another. Players are connected to a rope to allow only left to right movement, replicating the foosball table game controls.


Players must then pass the ball between each other to score goals. The game is played in an identical fashion to the table game, with teamwork being paramount in order to score a goal against the opposition. In order to be successful, teams must work together to be safe, and score more goals than the opposition.



60 Minutes


20 to 50


  • - Understanding team goals
  • - Building better relationships
  • - Understanding each other
  • - Continuous Improvement
  • - Improving Team Spirit
  • - Communicating effectively

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