Puzzle Pieces Team Building Activity

Find ways to work together & cooperate even in unfamiliar situation.

The aim of the Puzzle Pieces Team Building activity is each teams must work together to complete a puzzle as quickly as possible using the pieces provided. All teams have the same puzzle.


Initially the teams will be divided and given separate bags of puzzle pieces. They will think that they are competing against each other and then come to realise that they have no way of completing the puzzle unless they work with the other sub-teams as they hold the missing pieces of the puzzle.


This activity is a fun way for all of us to tune in to each others' voices and make sure we listen carefully to each other. It’s also a way to be sure every team member raises his/her voice to be heard, too, because we all have something to contribute. They key point of the activity is the team to identify the problem and resolve it by discussing it between them and working together.


This activity demonstrates that all team members make up the whole, and often no individual or team can do it alone. Sometimes the missing piece of the puzzle is often held by others.



60 Minutes


20 to 500


  • - Leadership
  • - Strategy
  • - Collaboration
  • - Communication
  • - Problem Solving


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