Recycling Art Team Building Activity

Encourages Creativity, Imagination, And Effective Teamwork

Recycling Art, the ultimate challenge to create a giant work of art in 3 hours that uses recycled materials to design and make, as a team a “work”. Recycling Art is a fun relaxing, interactive and creative teambuilding sessions for both big and small groups. This activity is a nice and interesting challenge which demands creativity but also a good cohesion in the team in order to craft a unique piece of recycled work!


Recycling Art team building activity encourages creativity, imagination, and effective teamwork and raises awareness about the importance of recycling for a sustainable future.


Group will be divided into teams and using the supplies provided, teams will plan, design, build, decorate and present recycling. We also welcome participants to bring relevant materials if like to offset material fees for this event. We can also design recycling events around your theme, final outcome as well as company products, meant for recycling. After the event, we provide debrief of the activity for members to reflect, review and learn from the event. Members to get feedback from each other and explore how this process could be useful to their work place, team and personal life. Recycling Art event can work at your offices, Conference centres, etc.



2 to 3 Hours


20 to 500


  • - Collaborative Working
  • - Creative Problem Solving
  • - Inspires and Motivates Staff
  • - Boosts Team-work
  • - Learn something new
  • - Environmental Awareness
  • - Leverage team strengths
  • - Better manage time and resources


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