Solve It Team Building Activity

A Fantastic, Energetic Logical Problem Solving Team Activity

This activity is a logical problem-solver which introduces a few constraints to emphasise the need to cooperate, to collaborate and most importantly to listen. It can be used to assess a team's dynamic, to identify current or potential leaders and to simply build culture within a team. This is an exercise in effective communication and organisation skills. Participants are given a set of 30 information and must communicate with the group to find a solution to a problem.


With available information team members need to not only share effectively, but they must quickly put in place a logical process, in order to fill in the blanks and complete the task. We also split the team into multiple sub-groups, to add complexity; simulating the distribution of information within organisations and departments.


Clear communication and leadership are essential for success, as many people jump straight into trying to solve the problem ‘their way’, without an agreed way of moving forwards first, or a way of hearing and understanding all of the information available.


This activity can be used with single or multiple teams, and is a great way of exploring how a group/team currently communicates, and to identify ways for improvement and enhancement.



45 to 60 Minutes


20 to 500


  • - Fun & Team Engagement
  • - Thinking outside the box
  • - Collaborative problem solving
  • - Creative Thinking
  • - Entrepreneurship
  • - Uniting Teams
  • - Networking


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