Spider Web Team Building Activity

Challenge the whole team to travel through the Web

Spider Web team-building Activity Promotes cooperative skills and participants will learn skills like teamwork, leadership, problem solving, trust, and communication.


Spider Web activity requires participants to pass each other through the web. To do that successfully, they must trust their teammates not drop them. This also allows participants to think creatively, because when passing their teammates through the web, they are not allowed to use the same opening twice. Nothing (including clothing) can touch any part of the web, or the structure supporting the web. No other equipment may be used in this activity. The first and last player need to have a hole that doesn’t require them to be lifted in the air, since there will be no members on the other side.


Ultimate success would be the participants actually managing to do this but success should really relates how well they have worked as a group, trialled and reflected upon their methods.


Spider Web is a problem solving activity for teams, which requires the entire team to manage their differences (size, disposition, strength, intelligence, etc.), it requires commitment, it’s very physical without being strenuous, and it’s fun.



45 Minutes


20 to 200


  • - Trust Building
  • - Team Cooperation
  • - Giving Support
  • - Problem Solving
  • - Decision Making
  • - Leadership Skills
  • - Shared Responsibilities


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