Tarzan Swing Team Building Activity

Swing Like the Lord of the Apes

Tarzan did do his fair share of swinging. He would use the limbs and branches of trees like the parallel or uneven bars you see in gymnastics. Tarzan would swing his body back and forth to build momentum so he could hurtle his body through space and to the next limb. Just as primates living in the jungle get around the tree tops.


Tarzan Swing activity requires the participant to use the tyres to walk across from one end to another, all the while using the rope through which each hangs, for balance and grip.


We at Sieger, can run Tarzan Swing activity anywhere, our only requirement is we need an open space with trees to tied rope between the trees, lifts you from one tree to another and increases your enthusiasm. Two participants at a time can climb the structure and walk across the ropes from one end to another end.


Participants will complete the task under the guidance of experienced professionals. Delight in this heart-racing step as you balance yourself on the tyre and rope while your colleagues, family and friends cheer for you. Excitement, Invigoration, Challenge and a great sense of personal achievement are just some of the rewarding outcomes to be gained. The programs are tailored to achieving your desired business objectives and outcomes.



45 to 60 Minutes


20 to 100


  • - Build Confidence
  • - Dexterity / Control & Balance
  • - Personal achievement
  • - Problem Solving Skills
  • - Self Esteem, Self Reliance
  • - Concentration


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