Team from Above - Create Logo or Message

Communicate Your Company’s Message With Impact – Using Your employees!

Create a logo, message or product name using your people (literally!) This is a fun, memorable team building activity for everybody involved, designed to show employees their value by making it clear that everybody counts.

How it works?

In a large area, your team will be instructed from above to create the design or message you want.


The photo will then be shot via a pole cam, our custom vehicle with a 25m mast or if budget allows a helicopter; our event crew will be on hand to shepherd delegates into the correct formation before we capture. Your company will then own the professional photos taken on the day.


The photos of your team from above can then be used in a variety of ways after the team building event including:


  • In marketing materials, e.g. on websites, in newsletters and brochures.
  • The photo can be printed on a large canvas and put up in the office, which will be a talking point with staff and visitors
  • Used as an innovative way to send a powerful message to potential and existing customers about new product
  • Most importantly, it’s one of the best corporate team building activities for getting everybody together and for boosting team morale.


Leading Outbound Training Company in India


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