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Sieger, a leading Team Building, Outbound Training, Virtual Team Building, Corporate Training (Leadership Development, Soft Skills & Technical) and Online Training company in India, with a national network. Sieger has been changing lives through challenge and discovery. Our programs continue to serve corporate officials, students and individuals with in-house, outdoor expeditions, virtual learning and other innovative program occur in India's most beautiful natural areas, in classrooms, city parks, in resorts, wilderness, boardrooms or a destination of the client's choice.

Certified consultants and trained outdoor instructors conduct workshops and team building activities based on Training Need Analysis (TNA). The program includes Case Studies, Role Plays, Presentations, Team Building Games & Activities along with Adventures Activities and Creative Exercises. The programs are high energy, impact, and lead to excellent team bonding.

Sieger expeditionary learning approach is an educational framework that emphasizes high achievement through active learning, personal & professional development, and leadership & teamwork – across diverse learning environments. We deliver programs using unfamiliar settings as a way for participants to experience adventure and challenge in a way that helps them to discover that they can do more than they thought possible. It is a methodology that places equal emphasis on the development of the character and the intellect.

We at Sieger conduct a residential program for Soft Skills, Corporate Training, Team Building Event, Outbound Training, and Company Team Outing at various locations in INDIA. These programs are designed to meet the specific requirement of the organization/industry. This is a totally structured program where Sieger provides boarding and lodging and Activities along with debriefing.


Why Choose Sieger?

Leaders in Outbound Training, Team Building, Corporate Training & Team Outing

  Participants Diversity

Our participants range from C-Suite Executives / CXOs, Senior & Middle Level Management, Managers, Executives, Employees, Shop Floor (Blue Collars) Employees, Unionised Employees, Vendors, Channel Partners, Fresh Entrants, Income Tax & Commercial Tax Officials, Police Officials, Public Sector Officials, College & School Staffs and Students.

  Instructor Team

Our instructors are highly qualified and experienced to create adventures and team activities along with strong debrief that have a great impact. Our domain experts are from defence, corporate, certified mountaineers and adventure sports with enormous passion for facilitating outdoors programs, supporting each individual to build on their strengths.


Our long-standing reputation for safety is one of the most often-stated reasons for using our Outbound Training Services. We give highest priority to the safety and well being of participants. Every aspect of our outdoor activities are carefully and diligently evaluated. We pride ourselves on this and take our responsibilities seriously.

  Learning Outcome Focused

We have designed intelligent and focused games that work and adapt client goals. Our activities are designed with specific learning outcomes in mind, making them versatile enough to benefit all teams, regardless ofindustry or workplace environment. Our Outbound Learning Program allow attendees to reap the benefits long after the activity has ended.

  Multilingual Solution

We understands the prerequisites for entrepreneurial success when it values difference, acknowledges effort and encourages participation. We have the capability to deliver training in multiple Indian languages, that include English, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Malayalam, Hindi, Punjabi, Marathi, Bengali, Gujarati, Assamese, Odisha.

  Team Building Activities

We have a large selection of virtual, indoor and outdoor team building activities from which client can choose and although each one is sure to be popular with employees, we never forget that the whole purpose of the exercise is to evaluate their performance as a team and to provide with insights into the way that employees work together.

  Challenge and Adventure

Using unfamiliar adventure settings to impel delegates into mentally, emotionally & physically demanding experiences. Activities involve managing appropriate risk, time management, communication, problem solving, delegation, leadership and effective teamwork. The emphasis is on success through planning, team co-operation, communication and negotiation.

  ASDC Accredited Training Partner

Accredited training partner of Automotive Skills Development Council, the first sector skill council, promoted by Auto industry, approved by the Government of INDIA and funded by NSDC and Ministry of Heavy Industry.

  Special Emphasis on Leadership Development

Demonstrating the ability to set goals, and inspire and guide others to achieve them. Demonstrating the ability to collaborate, communicate, solve problems and resolve conflicts effectively.

  Co-operative and Collaborative Learning

Learners will have the opportunity to think and talk together, to discuss ideas, analyse and solve problems, without constant facilitators mediation, but we will assist.

  Learning through Experience

Facilitating engaging, relevant, sequential experiences that promote skill mastery and incorporate reflection and transference. Learning from success as well as failure.

  Supportive Environment

Designing an experience that supports physical and emotional safety. Developing a caring and positive group culture.

  Character Development

Demonstrating increased self-confidence and self-actualization. Demonstrating compassion toward others and living a healthy and balanced life.



Leading Outbound Training Company in India


"Outdoor Management Development is a process of imparting learning and development for managerial level involve outdoor activities.

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Leading Outbound Training Company in India


LDP designed to introduce the full range of skills, ideas, and perspectives that form the core of our leadership training process.

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Leading Outbound Training Company in India


Cross functional is a group of people with different functional expertise coming together to work toward a common goal.

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Leading Outbound Training Company in India


Problem Solving program will help participants reconstruct efforts and learn new ways to approach Problem Solving!

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Leading Outbound Training Company in India


Effective change management requires leadership and robust and proven best practice approaches.

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Leading Outbound Training Company in India


Out of The Box Thinking is the attempt to think differently, unconventionally, from a new perspective.

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Leading Outbound Training Company in India


"Team building refers to the various activities undertaken to motivate the team members and increase the overall performance.

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Leading Outbound Training Company in India


As technology opens up the prospects of work to global proportions, workplace culture changes with it.

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Leading Outbound Training Company in India


Corporate Mini Olympics is a fun and energetic outdoor team event where familiar activities are updated with a fun twist.

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Leading Outbound Training Company in India


This allow participants to transcend office politics ∧ share a common experience that serve as a benchmark for future performance.

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Leading Outbound Training Company in India


High elements are challenges experienced by individuals, partners, and groups at a height of ten to forty feet above ground level.

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Leading Outbound Training Company in India


Tests of physical strength, stamina, agility, balance, and flexibility, and invite participants to confront such emotional issues.

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Leading Outbound Training Company in India


Method of overcoming limiting beliefs, phobias and fears" and will help to improve focus and promote advanced critical thinking skills.

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Leading Outbound Training Company in India


Walking on nine foot of smashed sterile wine bottle glass pieces is an exercise in challenging and developing the mind/body connection.

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Flying Fox, Zipline


Flying Fox Adventures Activity involving a test of courage and focus and it also helps build team support and group dynamic skills.

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Leading Outbound Training Company in India


Rock Climbing is the test of strength, balance, concentration, stamina, coordination, skills and techniques a person possesses.

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Leading Outbound Training Company in India


Trekking, educates confidence to pursue and accomplish seemingly impossible tasks. It is one of the most famous adventure sports.

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Leading Outbound Training Company in India


Relaxing at the campsite is great, but exploring a new area is even better. There are the hundreds of campsites all over the country.

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Leadership Development Programs
Analytical Thinking, Creativity and Innovation
Online Training Course
Problem Solving and Decision Making Course
Knowledge Management Training Course
Technical Training for Manufacturing Sectors






  • Outbound Training, Team Building

    Team building activities from Sieger group were very engaging and fun. We started with some interesting ice breaker, played time bound games that put all of us on our toes and ended on a high note.


    Nawed Imrose

    Dell Technologies

  • Outbound Training, Team Building

    Hi Sieger Team, I wanted to express my personal gratitude for the effort and extra time you have taken to conduct the session. I am really thankful to you.


    Srinivas Atla


  • Outbound Training, Team Building

    Hi Sieger Team, Thanks for the virtual team building event. We all had a lot of fun 😀👍🏻





  • Outbound Training, Team Building

    Lot of things were going on in the minds until we started, but went fantastic until end.... Kids part was cherry on cake, cos, lot of those enjoyed it too.. Only thing got tough was, kids started asking, dad, don't u know the answer😜😜😜


    CII - Young Indians

  • Outbound Training, Team Building

    What a lovely show. We all jumped and ran around madly. You added a spark to our life through this lovely virtual event Rajkumar and team. Thank you Sieger Group. Hope you also had a nice time with us.


    Sunitha Raghavan

    The Aura

  • Outbound Training, Team Building

    We had a very lovely session. The lessons we had learnt were very needed and some of the games were really pushing on team building. I wish to have more sessions soon.


    Amrith Rangan

    Akas Infusions

  • Outbound Training, Team Building

    Virtual Team Building sessions are really fun and interesting.. You made people to come out of their comfort zone and do the activity. Glad that we had a relishing time.

    Balaji Sriram

    HBK World

  • Outbound Training, Team Building

    Thanks Rajkumar… that was great virtual team building event. Everyone loved it.



    Nishi Agarwal


  • Outbound Training, Team Building

    We partnered with Sieger group for a leadership offsite. Raj was very professional, always available and extremely flexible in planning the offsite. His session was very engaging and helped us land key messages with the participants in a fun way!

    Paras Mohan

    Learning & Development, Public Sapient

  • Outbound Training, Team Building

    Let me take this opportunity thank Sieger Group for their successful execution of BASF Family Day – a first-ever event in a very short notice, total event organized and well-coordinated. Our team has enjoyed working with you. Hope to work together again.

    S. Ramanathan

    DGM - Technical Services, BASF Catalysts India Pvt. Ltd.

  • Outbound Training, Team Building

    Outbound Training was amazing & our team was overwhelmed by the coordination, support & methodology with which Raj & team, conducted a day long workshop with energy & fun. I would happily recommend them for any Team Building Workshop

    Ahmed Yasmin

    Officer - HR, Asian Paints

  • Outbound Training, Team Building

    Let me thank Sieger Group in the successful execution of BCIL Event. Thank you very much for your patience, timely support and co-operation, despite the situations overhauled us in its own ways. Our team has enjoyed working with you & hope to work together again.

    Sivasubramaniam Appadurai

    Engineer - Production, BCIL

  • Outbound Training, Team Building

    We are glad that we provided a meaningful learning experience for the Chinmaya students through the Adventure Camp. We appreciate the sincere efforts of the entire team of Sieger Group. Look forward to serving together on more such unique learning models.

    Sunny Nagpal

    Academics & Networking, Chinmaya Mission

  • Outbound Training, Team Building

    Thank you for training us. You guys were really good, C3 employees have appreciated you a lot. We look forward to work with you guys in future too!


    Nishtha Paliwal Tomar

    Communication Officer, C3 India

  • Outbound Training, Team Building

    Thank you Sieger Group for the Event Services (Family Day). It was done well, professionally organised.



    Augustus Paul

    Sr. Human Resource, ABB

  • Outbound Training, Team Building

    Great trainers .Good training is imparted that transforms into employees KRA delivery




    Head - Centre for International Exchange (C.I.E)

  • Outbound Training, Team Building

    Excellent & Dedicated Services. Sieger provides extra ordinary services in time with assured quality. Sieger, a reliable & Trusted name in Outbound Trainings & Event Management.


    CEO - EFFIC HR Consulting Pvt.Ltd

  • Outbound Training, Team Building

    Sieger organized outbound learning program for our team, very accommodative staffs, glass walking, fire walking, human ladder, kick punch quite a few interesting activities. Way to go people.

    Shobana Willfred

    Development, Dev Office - T2S India Pvt.Ltd





15 DEC

Virtual Team Building Activities

Sieger has developed numerous virtual team-building activities and these activities can help remote teams to overcome any kind of difficulties in current scenario. Our activities can build rapport, improve communication, bring coworkers together in a non-work setting.

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Team Building or Team Outing

Which Is The Best Solution For Your current Needs? Whether Team Building Event or Company Team Outing! Every team needs a chance to relax once in a while, and sometimes that’s all your employees need to come back to their work refreshed and energized.

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Onboarding & Induction

Starting a new job is a stressful experience, due to new situations and demands plus fears of looking silly. During the settling – in period, a new employee is unlikely to be effective or fully productive and may even leave if the feelings of unease are strong enough.

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